Discover Your Dream Job: The Results

Have you submitted your responses to Discover Your Dream Job? If not, take the quick self-assessment now. If you have, then keep reading:

So much can be discovered in just ten short questions. For each one, I provided a quick glimpse into what the answer choices may signify about your personality, creative niche, and potential career match. Note: Results are not meant to determine a concrete path. To maximize effectiveness, please remain open-minded.

Sidenote: If you’re an insomniac, then congratulations. You’ll probably succeed anywhere.

Question 1: Creativity
When do the right-brained ideas stop flowing? If your creative drive peaks early in the morning or late at night, consider a job that lets you flexibly structure your hours (i.e. writer or editor). Consider what you’d enjoy most: taking on your own projects during your “creative peak,” or finding a job that encourages it in the workplace.

Question 2: Personality
Favorite color schemes and palates say a lot about personality. If you’re drawn to hot colors, you may be more outwardly passionate, impulsive, competitive, and motivated. Cool colors are associated with one’s sensitivity, joyfulness, balance, and rationale.

Neutral colors can signify a comfortable, simple nature. You may like your peace and quiet. Black and white (and greyscale) also equate to someone’s simple lifestyle , but with a more modernized approach. You might be nit-picky and clean cut.

Question 3: Productivity

Where can you crank out a final paper in under two hours? What sort of environment suits your needs best? If you said your home, then maybe you should consider a job that lets you work from home. Planners and brainstormers have especially productive days working in their pajamas.

Those who need coffee shop ambience or the hustle-bustle of downtown are best suited in company building settings.

If you get your work done outside, who knows: you might just want to try your hand in some nature videography.

Want to find out more? Check the blog next week for questions 4, 5, and 6: collaboration, aesthetics, and values.


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