Finding Your Creative Niche

Creativity is like personal style: it’s all about how you express yourself. Some change their style every day, others stick to what they know and love.

Filmmakers approach their work with personal style to set them apart. The greatest writers and directors have perfected their own brand of creativity.

They’ve found their niche.

Finding Where You Belong
Your niche is where you feel most at home. It’s that cozy log cabin in the forest or the cottage on the water. Your favorite shady tree or coffee shop.

It’s also the company you’re in. Your circle of collaborators that never let you down. The strangers that inspire you to never stop writing. Or maybe just, yourself.

Finding your niche means finding where you fit in, where you can be yourself. Where you belong.

Finding Where You Stand
Hard-pressing global issues are looking for strong voices. Your thoughts and feelings are dying to tell their stories. Your background gives you a definitive edge to your storytelling.

Value systems work in the same way. Your beliefs are a large part of who you are, and they influence what you want to say. So listen to the inner voice telling you that bullying needs to be stopped, or child abuse is a real concern. Figure out your next story, and zero in on it.

Finding your niche means finding what you care about. What you’re passionate about.

Finding Your Own Approach
Creativity is a combination of theory and practice. Figuring out your story, and then telling it your own way. This is where your style really shines through.

Consider your favorite colors or sounds, and incorporate them into your work. Keep in mind your favorite films or genres. Remix them with your own flair. The more stories you tell, the more patterns you’ll notice in your creative style.

Finding your niche means finding your creative expression. Your unique edge. For your next project, don’t just run with it. Meditate on how you want to engage your audience.
Stay tuned for next week’s Helpful Video Production Resources!


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