Ten Video Ideas: Get Started Now!

We all love a good brainstorm. But don’t you wanna just skip to the good part sometimes? Already have your idea?

Here’s a list of ten video ideas to get you started on something great. Everyone makes art differently, so I’d love to see how you make these ideas your own!

Choose one or do them all:

1.     Music Video
Know of a friend looking to broaden her fan-base with a YouTube video? Or maybe an up-and-coming band from your hometown? Offer to shoot and edit a video of the performance or live recording session.

2.     Experimental I
Pick a tone (optimistic, eerie, loud, dark, etherial) and explore the many ways this can be conveyed through video. No plot.

3.     Improv
If you have funny friends, spend the evening writing comedy sketches or coming up with improv challenges. Perform them on camera.

4.     Experimental II
 Focus your attention on shadows and look for crisp, unique ways to bring out the beauty in everyday objects.

5.     Montage
Find a great song and cut together your favorite videos with friends: a montage of memories.

6.     Experimental III
Rediscover the world with every one of your five senses. Your camera is your journal.

7.     Documentary I
What makes people come alive? What are their deepest passions in life? Make it your mission to document their inner desires.

8.     Special Event
Any upcoming weddings or local talent shows? Offer your services and provide a tangible copy of the finished product.

9.     Documentary II
Think of an issue that troubles you, or a cause you’re passionate about. Use your videography skills to make an impact and get the word out.

10.     Self-Portrait
Create a visual character sketch of yourself. Camera shy? Don’t include yourself in the shot; instead, create a visual representation of everything that makes you, you.
Don’t forget to share what you create!


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