Digital Editing Advantages

Sample digital editing workspaceEditing used to be tricky. Well, trickier than it is now.

Mechanical machines, film negatives, a huge team of editors – each with a different job. Tough stuff with necessary training. Nowadays, editing software is geared toward the consumer. We went digital.

And no, we’re not looking back.

Walter Murch (editor, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather trilogy) discusses the advantages of digital video editing in his popular book, In the Blink of an Eye (2001). When editing your next project, take a break from your usual complaining. Be thankful you’re working with software.

Consider these high points of the digital revolution:

  • Increased speed

Faster editing aids studios with deadlines and editors with the passion to get creative with the time given. The mouse-click navigates in seconds what used to take hours.

  • Reduced cost

Printing the film used only in the cut versus printing all the film shot cuts the cost by about 90%.

  • Fewer people

To get the job done, it might serve you well to have multiple editors and assistants; however, digital software takes the place of having a huge editing crew.

  • Sophisticated use of sound

Mechanical systems were limited. Digitally, we can accommodate multiple tracks of audio and layer sound with picture seamlessly.

  • Preservation of different versions

Save a sequence and create a new one with new cut points. Try as many versions of the cut as time will allow. Editing video digitally means having the breathing room to make mistakes and press the undo button.

Check out even more advantages in Murch’s book!


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