Five Ways to Get Your Creativity Flowing

Creativity can’t be forced. Think of it like snow: when the temperature hits a certain degree, the flakes start to fall. When you hit a certain balance of hormones in your body, the ideas start to pour out.

We can’t force the freezing point, but we can choose how we react to the temperature. There’s no formula for creativity. But there are ways to capture it as it flows out of us.

Here are five quick exercises to help get you inspired and ready to create!
Pick your favorite and get going:

  1. The iPod Shuffle
    Plug yourself in and tune the world out. Press shuffle on your iPod and write the shortest, most concise piece of fiction possible. Be sure to include a character, scenario, point of climax, and resolution. Make it short, sweet, and inspired. Bonus points if you hated the song.
  2. Get Your Cray-On
    Grab four crayons (each a different color) and a piece of paper. Doodle anything. Make a first grade picture; no one’s grading your ability. When you’ve finished, grab a black marker and color over it. The doodle stays, but the mood changes. Appreciate the simplicity of what you just created.
  3. Meditation Station
    Grab your comfiest blanket, pillow, yoga mat, whatever. Light a candle, burn some incense, or spray a bit of perfume in your room. Have a seat in the most comfortable position. Close your eyes. Clear your head. Let your problems funnel in, then filter them out. Now focus on what you want to create. Wait patiently for ideas. If they aren’t being forced, they’ll come. Have a pen and paper handy to jot them down.
  4. Night on the Town
    Drop your evening plans, buy your favorite tea or coffee drink (decaf if you have a bedtime), and wait for sunset. When dusk hits, take your journal and go for a walk. Soak in your surroundings, smell the air, and forget your destination. Look at the world with poetic eyes. Refresh your senses and revitalize your mind.
  5. Incentive
    Bribery is a powerful thing. Give yourself a goal to brainstorm three new ideas. They can be stories, artist mediums, rules you want to break, or springboards to new creative discoveries. Anything goes. Write them down, flesh them out, and reward yourself with your favorite treat (mine is dark chocolate).

Good luck, and happy creating!


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